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We care our manufacturing, which are tailored to the client's precise business requirements.

Prichem always has its own value and pride towards chemical manufacturing. It is our pleasure to serve our clients with high end quality and effectiveness. All Products of Prichem undergoes various levels of testing before delivering to our customers to ensure safety.


PRIYADARISHINI CHEMICALS established in 1997, has a widespread market throughout India on Manufacturing of Automobile and Industrial Specialty Chemicals. We work towards our mission and making our customers satisfied with Prichem Products. At present, Prichem plays a major role in the Chemicals Industry towards Coimbatore with highly equipped machineries and resources to meet the best quality level. All products from Prichem are tested at highly modernized testing laboratories before delivering to the customers which makes us premium on safety and welfare.

At Prichem, Several leading products which meets the best quality on day to day routine of machinaries and automobile Industries is manufactured. Our products towards Automobile are not limited to the following- Radiator Coolant, Genset Coolant, Radiator Cleaner, Brake Fluids, Fork Oils, etc.

Prichem has its unique nature and high quality profile towards industry chemicals through its well manufactured products. We serve several industries throughout India. Few of our leading Industrial Chemicals Products, which makes us unique are as follows - Vibro Polishing Chemicals and Media, Phosphating Chemicals, Blackening Salts, Degreasing Chemicals, Paint remover, 3 in 1 chemicals, Rust Preventive Oils and lubricants, Aluminium Metal Treatment Chemicals, Pickling Inhibitors, etc.

Prichem Chemicals are used on variety of fields and mostly used purpose are Powder Coating, Precision, Sheet Metal Components,Steel Furniture Industries, paints, machinery manufacturers and general engineering Industries.

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Get chemical on high quality standards at Prichem.


Our mission is to direct our efforts under resources towards a time-bound execution of each and everyone of our ventures and ensuring customer satisfaction on constant basis. We believing in pooling togeather a collective ideas of our employed contributors in order to come up with cutting edge product and visible result. After establishing our prominance at the grassroot level via relatively significant projects, we look to expend our clientele and think tank in the pursuit of becoming an internal entity in the sphere of chemical manufcaturing.

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We run towards the focus of top tier company in metal treatment, metal coating and metal polishing with high end quality, performance and best service which gives us the unique value and identity in the market.



We make the best performance towards our each and every commitments on our business with the client.


In our terms, perfection is setting realistic, impactful goals and accomplishing them. We always quickly act to an opportunity, experiment, respond, and iterate our work based on the feedback we obtained from our customer.


Punctuality towards our commitment is our main mantra. We deliver products on time that makes our business more valuable.


We operate with a true sense of urgency. By aligning actions with your highest priorities, that drives the positive emotions to brings success to us.


You will experience the state of being protected and growth on your business once you start your business with us.


Our R&D technologists gain experience, expertise and recognition from our own research and from know-how from International partners, Associates, International Conferences, Exhibitions and Seminars. R&D is the basis for on going optimization of our core technologies; Rust Preventive oil, Vibro polishing Chemicals, Metal Treatments chemicals etc. More emphasis is given to develop Eco-friendly processes and products used for pre-treatment,Vibro Polishing , helping us to maintain our competitiveness and technological leadership.

Our process engineers are in constant contact with our customers. They introduce new processes / products into existing plants only after they undergo repeated testing in our own laboratories, pilot plant – resulting in economic viability and greater market acceptance.

R&D Laboratories attach great importance to the smooth integration of quality testing, production methods and packaging systems of newly introduced products.

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About Us

Priyadarishini Chemicals is engaged in Manufacturing of Automobile and Industrial Speciality products from INDIA since 1997 with the aim of providing premium quality products to its valuable customers.

Save Water! Save Earth.


For any enquiries on our products,

Wired: +91.422 2567040, 2567114. Wireless: +91.8508888111.
e-Mail : info@prichemgroups.com

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