Salient Features

  • 1. Ferrokare removes oils, greases, rusts, scales, dusts and dirts on MS Metals.
  • 2. Applicable for all types of HR & CR steel fabricated materials, grills, slotted angles, L & Square angles etc.
  • 3. Form thin iron phosphate coating on the M. S Metals and converts pitted rust as ferric phosphate
  • 4. Creates better base for primers, paints or any organic coatings. Applicable for Reinforcements in RCC Constructions.
  • 5. Enhances paint adhesion, paint life, surface finishing, and eliminate paint under corrosion.
  • 6. Restricts paint blistering, peeling and rust formation.
  • 7. Easy handling, less area requirements, lower cost of treatments.

Directions to use

  • 1. Shake well before use.
  • 2. Use directly and mix one part of Ferrokare with one part of water depends on oil, rust & scale.
  • 3. Wipe or brush the above mixed solution on the automobile bodies. If heavy pitted rust means use water emery paper.
  • 4. Allow one minute and wipe it cleanly with dry clean cloth.
  • 5. Allow to dry completely without any moisture.
  • 6. Apply primer, paint or any organic coatings within three or four hours.
  • 7. Rubber gloves, apron and goggles are recommended during the process.

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  • If intake, seek medical advice immedietly. Wash hands perfectly after using autobond. Keep out of reach of children.

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