We deal with Manufacturing of Automobile and Industrial Speciality products

Our products come out from Coimbatore, which is the manchester of South India, having all adequate and modern machinery to process the raw materials and ensuring the premium quality of finished products to customers. We have well equipped testing laboratory for quality control of products.


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“MANGANOPHOS -HM4” produces a crystalline, oil absorptive, black/dark-grey Manganese-iron Phosphate coating on steel and iron surface to reduce wear of moving parts, such as bearing surfaces. This includes pistons, piston rings, Shafts, Gears, Cylinders and all types of machine parts wherever wear is a constant factor to be considered.

Bath Make upThe tank should be free from grease, oil, rust and scales etc. The tank should be FRP or PVC lined or Non-reactive material with bath solution.

Temperature of the bath

In manganese phosphating, temperature should not be less than 900C.


During the operation of “MANGANOPHOS-HM4” sludge, a natural byproduct of the chemical reaction, is formed slowly. This sludge will settle to the bottom of the tank and should not be stirred up while parts are being processed, otherwise dusty coatings may result. The solution should be desludged periodically preferably once or twice a month.

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Priyadarishini Chemicals is engaged in Manufacturing of Automobile and Industrial Speciality products from INDIA since 1997 with the aim of providing premium quality products to its valuable customers.

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