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We maintain 100% safety, which are tailored to the client's precise business requirements.

Prichem always has its own value and pride towards chemical manufacturing. It is our pleasure to serve our clients with high end quality and effectiveness. All Products of Prichem undergoes various levels of testing before delivering to our customers to ensure safety.

Safety Policy

Prichem evaluates customer needs and ensure to contribute our works to enrich the society with well established chemical products in terms of natural environment. We work towards our mission and making our customers satisfied with Prichem Products. Withstanding to this quotes and principles, we are devoted to manufacture the chemicals that places the highest position on the market with 100% safety. Prichem manufactures chemicals which prevents the disaster and conserves environment. Driven by a respect for human life, we work to continually improve standards of safety.

The manufacturing carried out at Prichem includes the production of industrial chemicals, domestic chemicals and speciality chemicals. It involves many hazardous inherent in the handling of chemicals and the operation of equipment. Always aware of these dangers, we will act to prevent accidents by adhering to the following policies.

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Safety measures at Prichem.

Safety Policy

Prichem works to raise the safety and welfare standards by introducing and implementing well established equipments and safety measures.

Prichem will follow and abide by laws concerned with safety which comply with requirements that we have agreed to, made by local communities, public institutions and customers, and follow our in-house regulations.

Hence, on the theme of providing and maintaining 100% safety measures, Prichem manufactures the product in three central themes.

We will provide all employees with sufficient education and training to guarantee their health and safety.

In order to involve all employees in these activities, we will request the cooperation of staff representatives in the promotion of these efforts. In addition to informing all employees and cooperating companies of these policies, we will also make them available to the general public.

Theme of Safety Policy

1. The establishment of a completely safe workplace (risk reduction through risk assessment).

2. The creation of a comfortable workplace environment.

3. The promotion of mental and physical health.

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