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  • SKYLARK engine coolant is designed to protect cars and trucks radiators and cooling system for long stand. SKYLARK have additives that are intended to protect cooling systems by preventing cooling systems by preventing corrosion, lubricating and increasing cooling efficiency to all vehicles. SKYLARK suits for all environmental situations. It meets class II IS 5759 and Japanese JIS - K 2234 Standard.


  • At normal temperature, 1 part of coolant, with 2 parts of water recommended for effective result. Can also dilute upto 5 parts with water. For topping up, use only concentrated with no dilution. Fill up expansion bottle when cold.


  • Do not open radiator cap, when engine is hot. Keep Out reach of children. Harmfull if swallowed. To avoid staining on paint work, remove coolant spillage immedietly by washing off with water.

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