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Our products come out from Coimbatore, which is the manchester of South India, having all adequate and modern machinery to process the raw materials and ensuring the premium quality of finished products to customers. We have well equipped testing laboratory for quality control of products.


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1. Pipette out 10Ml of the bath solution. Add 90Ml of distilled water and mix well

2. Take 10ml from the makeup solution into conical flask

3. Add 3~4 drops of phenolphthalein indicator and stir well

4. Titrate with 0.1N Hydrochloric acid until the colour of the solution changes from pink to colorless & the standard pointage is 10+ 2Ml for 5% bath concentration

5. If the titrate value is less than 10+ 2. Add 500~750Gms of "PRICHEM – MCP65" for each point lacking per 100 liter bath


For heavy Oily works, high dosage of Alkaline Degreaser "PRICHEM – MCP65" may be recommended.


If the oil content in bath is more than 5~6 gm/liter. Then the entire solution should be drained out and a fresh bath should be prepared


100ml of bath solution +50ml of 50% sulphuric acid. Heat to boiling. Allow it to cool in a graduated cylinder for 3to 6 hours. Oil contact in the sample will float.


The information in this bulletin is based on our experience & tests which we believe to be Reliable, but offer no guarantee and accept no responsibility for operations..

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